How Long Does It Take to Walk 5 Miles?

For most people, walking ranks pretty high on the list of the easiest and most beneficial cardio exercises. While some are happy to walk a thousand steps and call it a day, others strive to cover up to five miles.

Ultimately, this raises the question, “how long does it take to walk 5 miles?”

On average, walking five miles takes an hour and 40 minutes. However, the time you take to hit the 5 miles is unique and dependent on your walking speed. For instance, if you walk faster, you can effortlessly complete the distance within an hour, but you might need more time with a slower pace.

Bear in mind that your speed isn’t the only factor to factor in when figuring out how long it takes to walk 5 miles.

So, what else matters? 

Find that out in this guide, which also delves into some compelling reasons to nudge you into walking 5 miles, and how to stay safe during physical activity.

Factors That Affect Your 5-Mile Walking Time

How long does it take to walk 5 miles
How Long Does It Take to Walk 5 Miles? 3


Did you know that typically, women boast a slower walking pace than men? Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.

The thing is, physical features affect your walking speed. And in this case, men have an edge since they naturally have bigger bodies and longer limbs, allowing them to walk five miles in less time than women.

But you might not always observe that if you’re a lady walking with your boyfriend or spouse. According to research,  men tend to use a slower walking pace to match their partners’ speed, especially if they’re genuinely interested in them.

Diet and Hydration

Nutrition are among the many factors that affect the time you walk 5 miles. Between one and four hours before your five-mile walk, take a small meal comprising lean proteins and fast-digesting carbs to keep your energy levels up during the walking exercise.

Also, remember to take at least two cups of water 2 hours before you step out to walk 5 miles. It’ll ensure you’re adequately hydrated during the simple workout to boost your performance. In addition, you’ll have ample time to get rid of any excess fluids—a bathroom break in the middle of your 5-mile walk is an inconvenience you don’t want.

Walking five miles on an empty stomach while dehydrated will take more than an hour and 40 minutes. Plus, it’s unadvisable because it wears you out and considerably decreases your mental function.


Consider your age to answer the “how does it take to walk 5 miles?” question correctly. Tell you what, your capability to walk faster declines as you grow older because your leg muscles grow weaker.

Besides, according to research, aging triggers a decrease in your visual, motor, and vestibular sensory functions. This reduces your walking speed, increasing your walking time to walk five miles.

Walking Gear

What you wear during your 5-mile walk also affects your walking time. Aim to be comfortable during the exercise, lest you increase the time it takes to finish that distance. 

Be sure to invest in the next walking gear to complete your walk in the usual average time of an hour and 40 minutes:

  • A pair of well-fitting walking shoes
  • Comfortable socks made from a dry-fit fabric to prevent blisters
  • Weather-appropriate clothes

It’s also advisable to wear sunscreen when walking 5 miles on a sunny afternoon to minimize your risk of skin damage as it could discourage you from walking faster. 

Moreover, avoid wearing uncomfortable gear when walking five miles as it slows you down and increases the time you take to walk 5 miles.


Most people have an average walking speed of 3-4 mph, which enables them to clock five miles in an hour and forty minutes. But sometimes, their environment may affect the time they need to complete that specific distance.

For instance, walking on rough terrain calls for more energy. So, you’ll demand more time to walk 5 miles, unlike when walking on a flat surface.


Sometimes, the time you take to walk 5 miles comes down to your intent. For instance, if you’re in a competitive environment and want to win, you’ll probably walk faster to complete the distance first. You might even achieve this goal in an hour with a fast walking speed. 

On the other hand, leisure walkers long to relax or bask in nature’s beauty. Therefore, a fast pace is not a priority for them, meaning they can walk 5 miles in more than an hour and 40 minutes.

Again, if you’re dead set on losing weight, you must use a fast pace to walk five miles. Even thirty minutes of daily brisk walking could burn up to 150 calories, sparkling weight loss and helping you achieve your specific fitness goal.

Is Walking 5 Miles Good for You?

Besides “how long does it take to walk 5 miles?”, you might ask whether walking five miles is a great workout. Well, harbor no doubts that it can tremendously improve the quality of your life. Eager to know how?

For starters, walking five miles is excellent for heart health as it boosts your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

In addition, the workout is highly efficient in decreasing stress, making it good for your mental health.

Another reason you should walk five miles is it triggers weight loss to improve your fitness level. This minimizes your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other weight-related conditions.

How to Stay Safe When Walking 5 Miles

A five-mile walk is a fantastic exercise to help you stay fit and reap other benefits such as good health. Still, being safe every time you hit the road is paramount. Check out these valuable tips to help you achieve that:

  • Wear comfortable shoes to avoid tripping. Your pair should have insoles for cushioning, a heel collar to protect your ankle, and a spacious toe box to keep calluses at bay.
  • If you’re walking five miles at dawn or dust, tell a friend or family member the route you’re using and when you expect to return.
  • Steer clear of unpopulated or deserted areas.
  • Stay alert and master your environment to avoid accidents.
  • Use a map when walking 5 miles in a region far away from home.

Create a 5-Mile Walking Routine Today

It’s clear that there are different answers to the “how long does it take to walk 5 miles?” question, depending on factors such as a walker’s sex, diet, age, and intent.

Whether you take an average of one hour and 40 minutes to walk 5 miles or more, this physical workout is worth the time and effort, thanks to its health benefits. To enjoy the latter, make walking five miles daily or a few times a week a habit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do most people take to walk 5 miles?

Walkers with a speed of 2.5 mph take two hours on average to walk 5 miles, but those with a fast pace of 4 mph can complete that walking distance in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Is walking 5 miles daily enough exercise?

If you don’t want to indulge in an intense workout or stress your joints, walk 5 miles everyday—it’s enough to improve your fitness and health.

Should I walk 5 miles to tone my legs?

Covering a five-mile distance daily burns calories to tone your legs and other body parts, including the abs.