Preparing for the London Marathon 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Most runners get their kicks from participating in marathons, thanks to the fantastic benefits these long-distance races bring, including improved mental and physical health. 

Others enjoy these events because they present a challenge. And nothing compares to the euphoria associated with running the full distance to cross the finish line while the crowd cheers them on.  

One of the UK’s most popular marathons UK is the annual TCS London Marathon

The event welcomes elite men and women to the streets of London and has recorded 1,125,810 finishers since it was first held on 29 March 1981. While some of these runners are professional athletes hoping to set or break a world record, others are passionate competitors running to raise money for their charities and support their respective teams. 

Prepare adequately before race day if you’re contemplating running or spectating at the London Marathon in 2023. Besides training, you can do that by arming yourself with full details about the event. 

This guide covers everything you should know about the coming London Marathon, including when and where it will take place, the course, and valuable tips for fundraisers and spectators. 

What the London Marathon Is, When and Where It Will Take Place 

The TCS London Marathon is a yearly event founded by John Disley and Chris Brasher to inspire the world to take up running as a sport, raise funds for a good cause and enable runners to have fun. 

In 2023, the London Marathon is set to happen on Sunday, 23 April, starting at 9:30 am at Greenwich Park. 

Who Will Participate in the London Marathon 2023?

Runners taking part in the coming London Marathon in 2023 won a spot to run the race via the ballot, which closed in early October 2022, or a charity place. 

Some runners also entered the long-distance race by applying for a Good for Age entry. To be eligible, a person must have run the London Marathon before and crossed the finish line at a particular time, based on age. Usually, the Good for Age entry type offers 6,000 spots for runners, to be divided equally between men and women. 

In addition, runners who qualified for a Championship entry will also be running the upcoming TCS London Marathon. This lot must have participated in a marathon before, running the half or full distance at an event recognized by the relevant bodies, such as the Association for International Marathons. 

The London Marathon 2023 Route 

The TCS London Marathon begins at the leafy Blackheath, south of Greenwich Park. Runners will go east to cover three miles passing through Charlton and Woolwich, then head west to reach The Cutty Sark in Greenwich after roughly seven miles. 

Then, the course crosses River Thames, the longest river in England, at Tower Bridge, heading into Shadwell and the historic Mudchute park before taking the runners right past Canary Wharf and the iconic London Eye. 

Runners will cover 26.2 miles to complete the TCS London Marathon along famous London landmarks like St. James Park, Big Ben and Buckingham Place. 

How to Fundraise for the London Marathon 2023 

Most runners lacing up for the TCS London Marathon on Sunday, 23 April, hope to raise funds for a good cause they believe in. So far, more than £1 billion has been raised since the first London Marathon in 1981. 

If you’re among these individuals running for a good cause, consider using GoFundMe

The platform is one of the easiest ways to achieve your goal since it’s easy to use and provides an intuitive app to help you track your fundraising campaign on the move. Besides, donations are automatically sent to your chosen charity place, which makes maintaining the fundraiser a piece of cake. 

JustGiving is another platform you can consider to run your TCS London Marathon fundraiser. 

Unlike GoFundMe, which doesn’t process donations from residents of countries such as China, and Cuba, JustGiving welcomes donators from anywhere in the world. 

No matter the platform you settle for, strive to collect as much cash as possible for your charity place. Wondering how you can do that? Keep reading to find out. 

Simple Hacks to Organize a Successful London Marathon Fundraiser 

Planning early and being strategic is the easiest way to run a successful fundraiser during the upcoming marathon. 

Before launching the event, decide the specific amount you want to raise for your charity and form a dedicated team to help you run your campaign and promote it on social media. As you set up your donation page, include these details:

  • Who will benefit from the funds you raise. 
  • What the charity wants to do with the cash. 
  • When the charity requires money. 
  • Why the charity is running the fundraiser/your motivation, you can share a personal story to explain your inspiration.  
  • Ways the donators will positively impact the charity. 

Also, if this is your first marathon fundraiser, seek advice from an experienced person who has successfully raised money for a charity. They could guide you on the dos and don’ts of organizing such an event.   

The London Marathon: Useful Tips for Spectators 

You don’t have to participate as a runner in the TCS London Marathon. 

You can head to various London landmarks along the marathon’s route as a spectator to support other runners hoping to cross the finish line to win, raise funds or have fun. 

In that case, here are several t you can do to have a great experience: 

Choose an Ideal Watching Spot

Pick a great spot to watch the TCS London marathon. Your top options should include well-known London landmarks such as Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, The Mall, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Cutty Sark, and the London Eye. 

Look For Nearby Accommodation

Stay at a hotel along the TCS London Marathon route on Saturday if you want to start watching the race as soon as it begins on Sunday morning. Top-rated options include Hilton London Canary Wharf, ibis London Canning Town, and Double Tree by Hilton London Greenwich. 

Create Interesting Spectator Signs

Marathon runners love feeling encouraged to continue running to reach the finish line. Make eye-catching, personalized signs to support a person or group participating in the race or a specific charity. 

Pack Supplies 

You don’t want to cheer on dehydrated runners on an empty stomach. Therefore, pack drinks and snacks ahead of time, preferably on Saturday night. If you run out of water, buy some at one of the stations along the Virgin Money London Marathon course.  

Running the London Marathon in 2023 

With this handy information about the London Marathon, preparing for the event should be a breeze, whether you’re a spectator or runner. If you’re the latter, remember that the cut-off time for the race is 7 hours, upon which the roads will reopen. If you continue running on the pavement, you can still reach the finish line, but you will not go home with a medal.