Expert Tips for Running With A Phone

Running with a phone has become essential for many athletes, as it provides safety, entertainment, and vital progress tracking. But finding the perfect way to carry your smartphone while hitting the pavement can be challenging.

In this blog post, we’ll explore options for comfortably carrying your phone during runs while discussing their pros and cons.

Importance Of Carrying A Phone While Running

Safety Reasons

In an emergency, having immediate access to your phone could be crucial in contacting help or notifying others of your situation.

Additionally, carrying a phone with GPS tracking capabilities can benefit your safety by providing valuable information about your whereabouts. This feature comes in handy when exploring new trails and for those who want to keep track of loved ones while on their runs.

Tracking Progress

Tracking progress during runs has become increasingly effortless, thanks to smartphone apps and other digital tools that accurately monitor your workout data.

This real-time feedback on metrics like distance, pace, heart rate, and elevation keeps runners motivated and plays a crucial role in accomplishing fitness goals.

Moreover, tracking your progress allows you to fine-tune your training plan based on personal trends and milestones. 


One of the underrated benefits of carrying your phone while running is having access to entertainment options, such as music, podcasts, or even audiobooks.

Uplifting tunes and engaging content can make a significant difference in maintaining motivation and elevating your overall exercise experience.

Different Ways To Carry Your Phone While Running

In Your Pocket

One of the most straightforward ways to carry a phone while running is by tucking it into your pocket. Most athletic shorts and pants come with handy pockets for carrying small items, including smartphones.

However, ensuring the phone is secure in the pocket and doesn’t bounce around when running is essential. Some runners may prefer compression shorts or pants with side pockets explicitly designed for carrying phones.

On An Armband

Carrying your phone on an armband is a cheap and convenient way to keep your device within easy reach while running. Armbands are especially useful for those who prefer to avoid holding their phone or carrying it in their pocket.

It’s also important to note that armbands might not be suitable for larger phones, as they can become uncomfortable after prolonged use.

Inside A Wrist Wallet

Consider using a wrist wallet if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight option to carry your phone while running. These small accessories are designed to wrap around your wrist like a bracelet and provide enough room for essentials like your smartphone, keys, or cash.

One of the benefits of using a wrist wallet for carrying phones while running is the added convenience it provides. Since it’s always at arm’s reach, you won’t have to worry about digging through pockets or bags.

In A Hand Strap

A hand strap is a simple and inexpensive way to carry your phone while running. It’s a small piece of elastic or neoprene that wraps around your hand, keeping the phone securely in place.

This option allows easy access to the device, which can be especially helpful if you’re using it as part of your workout (for example, to track progress with an app like Strava).

However, one potential downside of this method is that it requires you to hold onto the phone throughout the run, which can be tiring after a while.

Tucked Into Your Sports Bra

A sports bra with a built-in pocket is an excellent option for women who want to carry their phone while running. The pocket is designed to fit snugly against the skin, keeping the phone secure and preventing it from bouncing around during a workout.

It’s also easily accessible, making it ideal for those who want to track their progress or listen to music on the go. 

On A Magnetic Clip

A magnetic clip is an excellent option for those who don’t want to purchase a new sports bra or running belt but still need a secure way to carry their phone while running.

The clip can hold the phone on the back of the bra, preventing it from falling out and bouncing around during your run. Some magnetic clips even have adjustable straps for a more customized fit.

Plus, they’re easy to use and remove without causing any discomfort or irritation.

Inside A Running Belt

Running belts are comfortable, convenient, and secure, making them an excellent choice for runners who want to keep their hands free while still having their phones within reach.

They come in various sizes and materials to fit different body types and preferences – some provide more stability than others, while others offer a larger storage capacity.

Zipped Into A Hydration Belt

Hydration belts are designed to hold water bottles and feature pockets for storing essential items, including your phone.

In A Water-carrying Backpack

A water-carrying backpack is an excellent and hands-free option for carrying a phone while running. These backpacks are designed to carry water but also come with additional pockets and compartments to securely hold your phone.

Carrying your phone in the backpack’s side pocket keeps it safe while staying well-hydrated during your run. Plus, you won’t have to worry about holding onto anything or adjusting straps while running.

In A Race Vest

A race vest is ideal for runners carrying multiple items, including their phone, during longer or trail runs. These vests are designed to provide ample storage space and easy accessibility while on the move.

They come in various sizes and capacities, some even featuring hydration systems for added convenience. 

Additionally, race vests typically have adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit and avoid chafing or discomfort during extended use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Phone Carrier For Running

Phone Size

The phone size is essential when choosing a cellphone holder for running. A larger phone may be more challenging to carry, while a smaller phone could easily slip out of the holder.

For example, if you have a larger smartphone, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung S21 Ultra, it may not fit in some armbands or shorts pockets. 

In contrast, if you have a small smartphone like the iPhone SE or Google Pixel 4a, choose an armband with additional compression straps or an adjustable waistband to hold your device during runs securely.


Quick access to your phone while running is crucial, whether for safety reasons or to capture data on your workout progress. When choosing a phone carrier for running, accessibility should be on your mind.

Look for options that allow you to easily reach and operate your device without stopping or slowing down. 

Additional Features

It’s not just about carrying your phone while running but also considering additional features to make your workout more enjoyable. Some phone carriers come equipped with reflective elements to improve visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring safety during early morning or late-night runs.

Others may have headphone jacks for those who prefer listening to music seamlessly without tangling cords. 

Some sports armbands even offer touchscreen compatibility to control your device without taking it out of the carrier, allowing you to focus on your stride and form without interruptions.


Choosing an option that won’t cause discomfort or irritation during your workout is essential.

Running with a poorly fitting armband or belt can lead to chafing while carrying a heavy phone in your pocket can be distracting and uncomfortable.

Water Resistance

It’s essential to have a phone carrier that can withstand exposure to water during running, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. With the potential for rain, sweat, or accidental immersion in water sources, it’s best to have a phone carrier that is waterproof or water-resistant.

Top 5 Recommended Phone Carriers For Running

FlipBelt Classic Running Belt

The FlipBelt Classic Running Belt is highlighted as one of the best options for carrying a phone while running. The belt has a large pouch that can hold a phone, keys, and other small items without bouncing or shifting during your workout.

Its unique design allows you to slide your phone in and out quickly, so you won’t have to fumble around with zippers or straps when you need to take a call or check your progress.

Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

The Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband is a great budget-friendly option for those looking to carry their phone while running. It has a secure and adjustable fit that keeps your smartphone in place, even during intense workouts.

The armband also features reflective elements to improve visibility when running at night or in low-light conditions. It offers easy accessibility, allowing you to control your music or track progress without removing the case from the armband.

CrosFace Universal Running Belt

The CrosFace Universal Running Belt is famous for runners who want a versatile and functional phone carrier. Thanks to its adjustable strap and stretchable pockets, this belt can accommodate phones of all sizes, including those with thick cases.

The CrosFace belt has three pockets with overlapping flaps that keep your phone secure while you run. You can also use the extra pockets to store small essentials like keys or energy gels.

HAISSKY Running Armband

The HAISSKY Running Armband is highly recommended for carrying your phone while on the run. Its design features comfortable materials, including stretchy Lycra and plush elastic bands that keep the armband secure but not tight on your arm.

The clear plastic cover allows easy access to your phone screen and includes a convenient headphone cord organizer to keep cords out of the way while listening to music or taking calls.

SPIbelt Original Pocket Running Belt

The SPIbelt Original Pocket Running Belt is recommended for carrying your phone while running. Its minimalist design expands to fit large phones and other essentials, making it perfect for short workouts or long-distance races.

The belt’s soft spandex material comfortably stays put, and its adjustable strap ensures a snug fit. It also has reflective elements for added visibility during night runs.

FAQs on Running With a Phone

Is it safe to run with a phone?

Yes, it is generally safe to run with a phone. However, there are a few precautions. Ensure your phone is securely strapped to your body using an armband, waistband, or running belt. 

Are there any risks or disadvantages to running with a phone?

While running with a phone is generally safe, there are a few potential risks or disadvantages to consider. Carrying a phone can add extra weight, affecting your running form or causing discomfort if not properly secured. There’s also the risk of accidental drops or damage to the phone due to sweat or impact, so a protective case is recommended.

How can I protect my phone while running?

Consider using a durable and sweat-resistant phone case. Look for cases designed for active lifestyles or sports, often offering extra protection against impact and moisture. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, such as leaving your phone in direct sunlight.

Can I listen to music or use running apps while running with my phone?

Yes, you can listen to music and podcasts or use running apps while running with your phone. Many running apps offer GPS tracking, pace monitoring, and training plans to enhance your running experience. 

Final Take on Running With a Phone

And there we have it – your ultimate guide to running with your tech sidekick! Remember, a phone on your run isn’t just a device; it’s your safety net, your personal DJ, and your virtual running coach. 

With options as diverse as the playlist on your phone, selecting the suitable carrier can turn your sprint into a symphony. So, lace up, dial in, and let your fitness journey dial-up! Happy running!