Where To Put Keys When Running (10 Creative Ideas)

You probably have everything in check before your run.

Name it: running shoes, a timer, comfortable running gear, and some water.

Until you lock your car or begin running, and you notice you have a pesky bunch of keys in your hand. Who would have thought it? Keys!

And if you’ve had to run with hanging keys before, you know how uncomfortable it can get. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on where to put keys when running.

Read on.

Where to Put Keys When Running

1. The Car

Your car is just about the place to leave your house key, office keys, and almost everything else you have on you as you get on your run. This, however, leaves you with your car key, which is pretty easy to wrangle.

You can remove this from the key holder and remain with the single key. You can easily tie the single key onto the drawstring of your running shorts or pants, under your shoe laces, and even tucked behind your timer if it has a rubber band.

The best thing about leaving all keys in the car is that you only have one key to worry about, and handling this is much easier. Additionally, there are no other keys, so you don’t have to deal with that annoying jingling noise for the entire run.

2. Inside The Sports Bra

where to put running keys when running
Where To Put Keys When Running (10 Creative Ideas) 3

Many sports bras come with a handy pocket to keep all sorts of items, keys included.

If you are prone to chaffing, remember to carry a fabric cloth that you can use to tie your keys in before placing them in the bra. Sports bras offer a snug fit which will help hold the keys in place. This minimizes the jingling and moving about that can ruin the run.

If you bring a car, leave all the keys in the car, then tuck the car key in the sports bra.

3. Tracksuit or Shorts Pocket (s)

Many tracksuits and compression running shorts have zippers. These provide an ideal place to carry keys. If you have multiple keys in a rather heavy bunch and multiple pockets, consider separating the keys into different pockets. This will minimize rattling and prevent you from feeling heavy and imbalanced on one side of your body.

You might also find that you only have one pocket. You can tie the keys into one neat bunch and place them in the pocket to avoid rattling.

Similarly, many running shorts and pants might lack pockets on the outside but have small, convenient ones on the inside. Again, these are okay for storing keys.

4. Zippered Back Pockets of Leggings

Leggings have become a popular choice of running wear. Part of the reason for this is their snug fit.

Many legging designers nowadays include at least one back zip pocket. You can store a key or a bunch of keys here and zipper up for their safety. Also, the fact that leggings offer a tight fit will prevent them from moving up and down or clanking together as you run.

5. Put Them In A Running Belt

A Running belt is excellent for storing large and small items when running. This includes phones and keys.

Running belts have bags with zippers, so you are assured that your keys won’t fall out.

Some runners prefer running belts with one compartment for all their items, while others prefer several small storage compartments. When shopping for one, bring your keys and other items you like to have on a run with you, and see which bag works best for your lifestyle.

Running belts have several advantages. They are made of spandex, nylon, neoprene, and polyester. These offer running bags’ lightweight, waterproof and stretchable qualities.

Secondly, a running belt is designed to grip your body comfortably. This prevents it from bouncing up and down as you run so that your items are safe and you can focus on your run.

Lastly, good quality belts distribute the weight of their contents evenly. This ensures your balance and stride are not affected as you run.

6. In A Hydration Belt

Hydration belts are lightweight and offer a tight fit to reduce movement when running.

Aside from water slots, hydration belts have smaller pockets where you can store items like keys.

If you hate the noise that comes from keys rubbing against each other, tie them together before putting them inside the hydration pack.

7. Tie Them To Your Shoes

This is among the handy methods runners use to store away their keys during a run.

It sometimes happens that your running gear has no pockets. This shouldn’t be a problem, as your shoes can do the trick.

To do this, open the bow on your laces, slide the keychain holding your keys through the lace, and then tie it up as usual. Don’t leave the keys hanging.

Instead, lift a few lace lines on the shoe and tuck the keys underneath, so they remain immobile as you run. 

8. Tie Them on Your Wrist With a Band

Most women will have a scrunchie or hairband in the car or hold up their hair. This can be used to strap the keys on your wrist. Hair bands being elastic means you can fasten them as tightly or loosely as is necessary for your comfort and for the keys to stay in place. 

Workout buffs tend to have gym wristbands for weight lifting. These have heavy elastic or Velcro bands. You can slide your keys under them. A phone armband and iPod holders can work in the same way.

9. Tuck Then Inside a Weighted Vest

Serious runners and strength and cardio trainers typically wear weighted vests to increase the difficulty of their workouts.

These come fitted with small pockets, ideal for storing small items like keys. So you should be able to run without them getting lost or interfering with your running.

10. In Your Socks

This is an excellent place to place keys for people who wear compression socks when running. Compression socks are long and tight but not constricting.

They also don’t bunch up like regular socks, so you don’t have to worry about blisters. The only downside is that you will likely feel some movement as you run, but they shouldn’t shift enough to fall out or cause significant friction. 

Still, you can wrap them up or place them in a small rubber carrier if the chaffing causes blistering or discomfort.

Final Take on Where to Put Keys When Running

These are ten convenient places to stash your keys when running.

With these, you can enjoy your run and focus on bettering your endurance, time, and gait without worrying about the safety of your keys or their irritating movement and noise.

However, if you have the option to store your keys elsewhere so you don’t have to carry them with you for the run, take that option.